Participate In Work-Based Learning And Service Learning

Participate In Work-Based Learning And Service Learning


Where work based learning can help student in narrowing down career choices, establish networks and work out their course of studies accordingly, service learning encourages the understanding of community service and for one to make an effort to enrich their learning experiences.essay-assignment-62

For students nearing the time of the hour where they will need to make their career decision, participating in work based learning can be more than an educational experience. Further, they are ready for paying to any body who can complete their assignments in successful manner. It not only helps them choose careers, but also network with employers and get a head start in developing skills directly relevant to their career of choice. Below are a few of the services these programs offer.


Internships are programs where a student is placed in a supervised work based situation where they can learn on the field. This is entirely outside of a traditional classroom, and usually for the duration of a certain assigned number of hours or days. Internships often provide college credits depending on the academic program.


Cooperative Education

As the name suggests, cooperative education program is one where faculty, staff and employers work in cooperation with the students to identify and clarify career goals, basing on them their academic goals and expanding the study by participating in practical work experiences which may often be paid.

Job Shadowing

Students are allowed to visit the site of business or a company, and observe the functions of one or more positions. This gives them a more realistic perspective and hence a more realistic approach of that occupation. The employers’ level of availability and the students’ level of interest is what determines the duration of this program.

Service Learning

Service learning is a positive experience, which involves students in community service activities along with facilitated means to practically apply that experience to their personal and academic development.

Independent Studyessay-assignment-64

In an independent study, the student is able to work one on one with an individual member of the faculty to develop projects that may secure credits. These projects can be research paper or documented work experience.

Informational Interview

In this program the student gets the opportunity to meet with people who have ample experience working in their chosen fields, and inquire them about any concerns they might have. Being able to interview people who have actual experience in the field gives the student the ability to gain personal perspectives and learn more about their chosen career and what they can expect from it.

Career Servicesessay-assignment-65

A career services office provides this programe through which job search opportunities are provided to the students and alumni. They help the students form the networks with their prospective employers and organised campus interviews, and career fairs. There are also offices that offer counselling and workshops to help students develop their career plans.

Employers Participate

Employers for public, private or non-profit businesses search for students for employment overseas and across the country. There are many companies that offer valuable work based learning opportunities to students.

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