How to Structure a Dissertation

How to Structure a Dissertation

The dissertation is a paper that is offered by the applicant for an academic degree or specialized prerequisite which shows applicants research and conclusion. The dissertation is the most important part of your degree, and a perfectly written dissertation gives the ideal impression to the reader and hence increases your value a perfectly written Dissertation is very difficult to write as it requires dedication, research and a lot of focus.

Now the first and foremost question that arises in your mind is that how should your dissertation look like? How you should compose it and how it can be written to make it more valuable and appropriate in the eyes of the reader and how you can make it more appealing and up to date. Everything that is written follows some structure whether it’s a letter or application it should follow a proper pattern to make it look appropriate. The dissertation that you write must state the intention of your analysis, explain the methods and you used for investigation, and you should not only present but also talk about your consequences.

Structure of a Dissertation

You can write a Dissertation like that by using the points that are mentioned below.

  • Investigation plan
  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Analysis
  • Methodology
  • Result and Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgement and References


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Detailed Explanation Of The Dissertation Structure

Investigation Plan

This section will include every detail of what and how you intend on investigating the topic that is given to you. That could include mentioning the ways of how you researched, as well as what were your resources; it may include answers to simple questions like

  • What you want to do?
  • How you want to do?
  • What are your expectations regarding results

However, this part is not compulsory and should be done if asked to be scripted by your supervisor.


Choosing a suitable title for your report is another thing that should be focused on. A title should give the exact idea about your plans and what you are attempting to do. It should neither be too long or too short.

It should be composed of the following parts

  • The title of dissertation
  • Full name of the writer and academic qualification
  • Institution
  • Date submitted
  • Name of supervisor


The abstract is a summary of the whole dissertation that you must provide to give the reader about the idea and motive of your dissertation. It should be to the point information no extra, and unnecessary detail should be added to it to make it more interesting and not boring for the reader.


The introduction of the dissertation should be done in steps, and it should follow a sequence to make it perfect. You should start with an introduction to the subject of your dissertation and explain your objectives as well as the aims you had in your mind while taking this dissertation. You should elucidate the implication and significance of what you are aiming to demonstrate; how you will prove your points as well as what measure you are taking to prove the significance of your project.

Literature Analysis

The capability to review, analyze, and to account on relevant literature is an important academic ability. You must seriously evaluate related past research. Mentioning summaries of articles in a sequential arrangement is not suitable. You should recognize research themes in the literature or examine documents on substitute methodologies for assessment.

A high-quality literature review is inclusive, vital, and instructive. You should end it by identifying your projected donation to the existing literature. If you want to perform an in-detail review of the literature, you should be well-known with the research techniques.


Development and description of your study structure this is the section in which you explanation everything regarding your research paper as to how you have achieved it and what you have achieved to be specific and the measures you took to achieve everything that is written insides the project.

Result and Discussion

In this section, you describe your results and conclusion, discuss the ways as to how you have achieved all this.

Acknowledgment and References

In this section, you mention the resources and the people who have helped you in the research paper as well as mentioning all the references that you’ve used.

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