Critique Of A Journal Article

Critique Of A Journal Article


At some point in your university life you will be expected to write the critique of a journal article. To summarise, the critical review of a journal article is the evaluation of the articles central idea, the strengths and weaknesses of the points raised and an analytical description to assess the value of the article. If this is something you have never done before then you may fumble with the structure of it when composing it for the first time. There are a few important and standard ideas to keep in mind when writing the critique of a journal article;

Points To Consider Before Reading The Journal Article

Before you can write the review, you will naturally go through the journal article as thoroughly as possible. This process can be made easier and more efficient if you have already planned what you will be looking for. Assess the title as to what it states about the content of the article. The sub-heading will demonstrate how the author chose to organise their work and where the put emphasis. Check whether the references are genuine and up to date.

What To Look For When Reading The Journal Article

When you read the article try to analyse what purpose the content of it serves. What the target audience was intended to be and how it caters to them. Whether it is easy to determine the author’s main point and are they properly supported via evidence and research.

Planning And Writing The Critique

It is best to work your way through a rough draft, and editing and polishing it until you are satisfied. Be clear and direct about you analysis of whether or not the author successfully conveyed their message. Make sure that you begin your critique of a journal article with complete and proper citation.

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