About Us

Q: Who are the Writing Help Service?
We are a team of professional workers who are working in the field of education to help the students (our clients) with their educational assignments, and other related coursework so that they can attain their desired grades.

Q: How the business was started?
Ans: In the summers of the Year 2002, our founder graduated, and but he was receiving the calls from his juniors for getting help in the assignment solutions. From there, he started a consultancy organization in the Fall Semester of 2002 that has now expanded its services to the students around the globe who are in the need of getting their assignments solved in the first place.
During the years, our business expanded from just students’ consultancy in the specified subject to the quality help service delivery in every field of education in such a manner that helps the students in completing their education and attaining good grades. Our services are now expanded with excellence that guaranteed success to the students who are looking for the attainment of good grades.

Our Writing team
Since the inception of the business, we have included many professional experts who have command over many educational fields and those experts are thoroughly working on the details that are provided by the students who want to excel in their education.
Currently, we have a team of 50+ professional experts who are providing their services to the students for helping them in making their assignments in an effective manner. All of our experts own a professional degree with first-class grades and have the ability to write the assignments of the students in a first-class grade.

After the clients place their orders at our writing help services, they are invited by our website management to leave their review and testimonials for the services. This also helps our professionals in correcting mistakes and making the desired level of upgrade in the assignments solution approach.

Niko: I came across with the Writing Help Services while I was looking for solutions to my marketing essay assignment with marketing experts as I was unable to complete the assignment because of my other duties. The work performed by the writers of the assignment writing help was flawless and was more than expected. Therefore I am very pleased with the services and would recommend others to complete their assignments from the Writing Help Services.

Our Expertise

Writing - 10 years
Editing - 8 years
Proofreading - 6 years
Copy writing - 5 years
Marketing - 2 years

Our Team

Even with our resent establishment, through a rigorous vetting process we have assembled a team of writers that are professional in their work ethic, have practical knowledge in their respective field and irrefutable experience. They are dedicated to their work and endeavour to provide the best quality services in accommodation to your requirements, with the use of their unquestionable knowledge in various respective fields.

Our Story

When you first start to search for the help you may need for your essays, or thesis, or other academic assignments, you will end up facing thousands upon thousands of search results on any search engine or website. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to parse through so many services claiming to be for the benefit of the student, and finding one that can be trusted to provide adequate help, especially with a task as important as this one.

Our Satisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction has always been a priority for us. We have taken many measures in order to make sure that our customers are able to avail our offers without hassle, and that they feel that they received exactly what they were expecting. This is the reason we have set out to provide a service that students can easily rely upon, a service that does not actively seek to take advantage of someone clearly in their hour of need, especially a student. And to maintain this ideology

Our Methods

With years of experience and knowledge, we have gradually improved our methods with relevance to the most recent available technology, to achieve the best possible results in regards to the work we provide. Furthermore, we give value to authenticity and ensure that the information we provide in completely genuine and is mutually agreed upon on all sides.

Our Establishment

We were established in the mid-2015, and from then we have maintained a strict rule of never compromising on the quality of the services that we provide. In the beginning our team was a humble one, containing only a few writers. But that was because we only hired experts in the field, who would be able to accurately analyse and present information for assignment papers.

Our Work

We provide a list of services that you can avail to help you with you academic work. If you find yourself constrained due to the limitation of resources, such as a lack of time, guidance or research material, you can take help form our extensive team of skilled writers for customised essays, thesis, dissertations, research papers, term papers or any other academic paper required of you.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Trust & Guaranteed

We understand how every single assignment paper can have an impact on the final assessment for a student, and we make sure that any assignment you entrust to us is handled responsibly and professionally.

Our Expertise

We have many writers in our team, all of them adept in their respective area of expertise. This allows us to offer more services to our clients, and yet still without letting the quality of the work we provide fall, or the trust our customers have in us falter.


We take extra care in establishing and maintaining clear communication line between our clients and the writers, in an effort to erase any chances of miscommunication and errors that may result in the paper as a result. Because all papers are in accordance to every individual’s specific requirements and instructions

High Quality

Because of how much emphasis and effort we have put in maintaining the quality of the work we provide, and only allowing skilled writer to work with us and in turn our clients, we can proudly say that the students who seek help and come to us, always find what they had been looking for.


All of the work we provide is a hundred percent unique and non-plagiarised. Your trust is important to us, and you can rest assured that our work ethic will put any concerns you may have at ease. we do our utmost to establish transparency between all parties involved so that trust and an ease of mind can be established. Which is why we here provide a safe platform where an exchange of knowledge can take place, ultimately raising the standard of your work.

Skilled Writing

We have taken extra precautions to ensure that the team that we have assembled, and the writers that will be undertaking your projects, are skilled, informed and professional enough to be entrusted with your assignments. It is natural that every student of every field desires the highest grades and academic improvement, however, professionals willing to share their expertise may not be that easily found.