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What is Formal Essay?

The formal essay was introduced by Francis Bacon in England. Formal essay are often very lengthy and have a specific structure. Length and structure depend upon the type of cheap essay writing service uk. Formal essay have a defined introduction, body and conclusion at the end. Formal essay uses professional tone as it is written to summarise research, add-text citation where reference should be given to make the document more credible. Formal focus on fixed point and study the subject in-depth. Formal essay is short and typically used for discussion of ideas. The formal essay may be a requirement of a job application or a certain reports and correspondences.

Steps for Writing Formal Essay:

  • How to Use Appropriate Language:

    • Avoid First person Pronoun:
      • In writing an essay, avoid first person pronoun like “I” and “We”.
      • Essay seek to support the thesis statement.
      • Show essay as an absolute truth.
    • Use formal vocabulary:
      • The formal essay should not have informal vocabulary and slang.
      • Keep thesaurus and dictionary at hand.
      • Avoid like ASAP, lol, etc
    • Pick Strong Verb:
      • The Strong verb means verb which has no need of preposition.
      • A verb that require a preposition is called Phrasal verb.
      • Phrasal verbs in academic writings are thought to be weaker.
    • Avoid Unnecessary Words and Phrases:
      • During writing a formal essay, avoid unnecessary words and phrases which are repeating many times.
      • Write “Histories” instead of “Past histories” because history is the word pointing toward the past.
      • Don’t use “New inventions” but write “inventions”.
  • How to Structure your Essay:

    • Introduction:
      • In introduction part, write an introduction about the essay showing that what you are going to write in the essay and what the essay want to tell you.
      • Write a short background for the reader.
      • Insert the thesis statement somewhere in the introductory section.
    • Body Paragraphs:
      • Body paragraphs should be after Introduction and before Conclusion.
      • The body is made of a combination of 200 words in every paragraph.
      • Every paragraph should have a point to explore.
      • The paragraph should not be very longer and not very short.
      • The body is the main part of the essay where writer delivers their idea.
    • Conclusion:
      • Conclusion is a final line or final paragraph.
      • It contains the result or the whole idea written in one statement.
      • The conclusion should purely based on what you write in Introduction and Body.
      •  It should not introduce any other Idea.
  • How to Select A Topic:

    • Brainstorm your topic:
      • Brainstorming is most a common method for of topic information where you can you can explore multiple topics to select one of them to write about.
      • Choose a time span to cover a lot of ground. Time should not be so large to end in meaningless and aimless result. Time should not be less than five minutes and not more than ten minutes.
      • Write the ideas about the topic which comes to your mind.
      • When the mentioned time ended about ten minutes, see the list.
    • Choose a topic:
      • Choose that topic which is interesting to you. The benefit will be that you could write a lot about it.
      • If you’re brainstorming contains many themes, choose that one which is related to your topic given to you.
      • Select the topic which can be easily searched if research is needed.
    • Narrow your topic:
      • After selection of topic for your essay, you may need to narrow down the focus of your essay.
      • Don’t select so broad topic which could result in hundreds of pages.
      • Don’t select so small topic which can be ended in just few pages.
    • Write thesis about Essay:
      • Thesis is a small statement which show what will be in the essay, means that it show a preview.
      • Thesis should be such that to be debated a lot.
  • How to Format your Essay:

    • Choose a Standard Type:
      • Formal essays are generally type using computer, so you can easily access different type of fonts.
      • You has the choice to choose any type of font, but Serif font  is generally more reading friendly.
      • General types of Serif  are Time, Times Roman, etc
      • Choose 12pt the size of a font.
    • Spacing:
      • Use correct spacing.
      • In the past, there were using double-space after a period.
      • But now a days, using only space after a punctuation mark.
    • Proper Margin:
      • The standard format is one-inch margins on all sides, but it also depend on requirements.
      • Some people use/require/request a slightly larger margin on either or all sides.
      • If have some confusion about margin, ask instructor/editor.
    • Citation:
      • Use proper citation.
      • It depend on the writing style you are working in.
      • There are two general formatting style: 1: APA, 2: MLA

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