How To Display Discussion Part Of A Lab Report

How To Display Discussion Part Of A Lab Report

In a properly structured lab report essay, the discussion can be used to establish the ending of the experiment before the conclusion. This is the component where you analyse and interpret the findings in the result against the proposed hypothesis and the facts about the subject matter you already had. A lot of the discussion is composed of the content covered in the Results, and one must know how to write the discussion in a way that supports their argument. A few key things should be considered in how to display discussion part.


The discussion can be way of expanding on the introduction, as in attempting to answer the questions that were posed or implied in there and discussing how the results reflect on the hypothesis. This is where you take your time clearly and comprehensively explaining how the acquired results give us a new perspective or approach to the problem in question. How your results have been similar or different from similar experiments conducted previously and what should be the next step. This is also a good opportunity to touch upon the negative results and their possible causes.

Writing Style

It is encouraged to use the active voice when figuring out how to display the discussion part. Even though the discussion should be through, it should not be redundant or repetitive. When making your points, be clear about your subject of discussion and do not stray from the topic. It is best when interpreting the results, to do them in the order stated in the Results and to avoid having to state them over and over again.

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