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Writing The Critique

An Art Of Critical Writing There are many different types of essays a student is expected to write during their college or academic years. One of those essays are a critique, or critical review essay. A critique essay is a genre of writing that summarises and critically assesses any particular work, usually a journal article.… Read More

Writing A Research Report

A Technique Of Writing The Best Research Report The most efficient way to judge your knowledge and understanding for your professor is through essays. Which can, unfortunately, be troubling for those who struggle with the task despite having adequate knowledge. Furthermore, in advanced level of your academic career you will at some point be expected… Read More

Writing A Business Research report

  There are cases when students are asked to write research reports instead of essays. And while these terms can be used interchangeably at times, there are a few differences between writing an essay and writing a business research report. Students may get confused as to what structure they have to follow and what content… Read More

Critique Of A Journal Article

  At some point in your university life you will be expected to write the critique of a journal article. To summarise, the critical review of a journal article is the evaluation of the articles central idea, the strengths and weaknesses of the points raised and an analytical description to assess the value of the… Read More

Creating A Critique Framework

  A critique essay can be of two types. You can either be asked to do a critical analysis of a particular subject matter or issue, or you can be given a journal article to write a critical review about. Either way, both such essay requires skills of analysis and interpretation. However, your essay will… Read More